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A1 *Your organisation name
A2 *Organisation address *Address1:      
A3 *Please select the category that best describes your organisation type
A4 *Charity number (or equivalent registration number)
A6 Contact address if different from above *Address1:      
  (Please leave blank if the same as organisation address) Address2    
A5 *Contact person
A7 *Job title
A8 *Contact email address
(This email address will be used for all communication)
A9 *Contact telephone number
A10 Please enter website address if applicable
B1 *Under which programme are you applying?
(Please note: Special Needs and Care is only available for organisations in the South East region of England)
B2 *Project title
(Maximum text length 255 characters, approximately 30 words)
B3 *Project description (please specify how funds sought are to be used:- e.g. buildings cost, refurbishment, equipment, salaries, other)
(Maximum text length, 1,000 characters, approximately 150 words)
B4 *Organisation background - Please tell us about your organisation
(Maximum text length 1,000 characters, approximately 150 words)
B5 *Total cost of project
B7 *Amount requested from the Peter Harrison Foundation
B6 *Funds already raised
B8 Anticipated start date of project if known
B9 *Grant period
(If successful in your Initial Enquiry please state whether this is a single payment or the number of years over which the payments should be scheduled. e.g. 1 year, 2 years, 3 years etc)
C1 *Age range of beneficiaries
(e.g. 4yrs - 16yrs)
C2 *How many beneficiaries are likely to benefit from this project?
(e.g. 12)
C3 Where is your project taking place?
C4 *Which of the following best describes the beneficiaries of your project?
D1 *Please tell us how you heard about the Peter Harrison Foundation
For example, internet search engine, publication, previous applicant etc. Please be quite specific - thank you)
D2 *Please tick here to confirm that you have the required authority to apply on behalf of your organisation
E1 If you would like to upload supporting information, please browse and attach here
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E2 Additional supporting information
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